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1x1.trans - About us -

The show must go on is committed to pragmatic design, creativity at the service of a precise strategy assuring our solutions fit your needs like a glove: your success is our success. Our reward is helping you to achieve your goals, to provide you an effective solution to give a differentiating voice to your business.

We have an extensive experience in the corporate world to put at the service of your project. We are passionate about what we do. We have been many years on the other side of the table, we know the market as well as we understand the challenges companies face every day. It all looks clearer from the outside.


The show must go on is composed by professionals specialized in the areas of strategy and marketing, illustration and communication. Together we suitably combine a solid training in management (MBA-E, Postgraduate…) with a humanist education: philosophy, arts, history, cinema…

Our agile and flexible structure enables us to be adaptable and involved in the projects we face. When you come to visit us you won’t find square metres of modern offices with luxurious carpets, but cubic centimetres of talent and a team of professionals ready to offer you solutions backed by our long experience in marketing and communication.

Ricardo Moreno

Founder & CEO

Marta Bacaicoa

Business Development & Marketing

Laura Calonge

Graphic Design

1x1.trans - About us -
1x1.trans - About us -

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