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Another brand consultancy? Are you crazy? We steered clear of the cliché: “They did it because they didn’t know it was impossible” right from the outset. We believe our job is to help companies and their teams build brands which add value to people’s lives beyond the products or services they sell.

We live in a hyper-competitive, fast-changing, volatile, uncertain, and challenging world… Vibrant and bubbling. We aim to provide bespoke solutions to our clients’ challenges, creating innovative brand experiences through strategic thinking and design.

We work closely with national and international clients, no matter the size or the sector, building a relationship of mutual trust and professional respect. Some have trusted us since our inception. Is there any greater reward?

We occasionally incorporate new profiles into the team to provide further insight to the proposal. We firmly believe in collaboration – writers, strategists, journalists, architects, engineers, sociologists, and business consultants. We are always open to creativity and the transformative power of talent.




We know what we know. And we are well aware of what we don’t know… We are paid for the former; for the latter there is no money in the world to make up for it.


We thrive on working with talent: talent that is special, diverse, different… It both enriches and challenges us in equal measure. It pushes our boundaries and broadens our world.


Experimentation takes us out of our comfort zone, which is why it is both fascinating and terrifying. It is precisely these situations that bring us to our senses, sometimes abruptly, occasionally – albeit rarely – gently.


Hollow words without action bore us to tears… They are muddy swamps, bogging us down, impeding progress and movement and limiting action.


We talk to our customers as we would talk to our family, friends, and pets: in a frank, straightforward, no-nonsense way. Sometimes you’ll like it, at other times maybe not so much. We walk the road together with sincerity and commitment.


Failure is the flipside of success. It does not scare us. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose… If you have put all your chips on the table, it is not your fault, nor is it someone else’s. Review the process, and there, in the sum of small details, will be the answer.


We like to draw energy to celebrate success, and that can only be done as a team. There is nothing more admirable than to be able to embrace each other when you get the glory, to look at each other with honesty knowing that it is the fruit of your efforts.


Ricardo Moreno
Founder & CEO

Marta Bacaicoa
Co-Founder & Marketing

Laura Calonge
Design Manager

Jose Ausó
Graphic Designer

Freddie Mercury
Inspiration / Mentor

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Easy Mixers
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