Wine packaging in La Rioja

Create an effective packaging is the first step in presenting our wine, as it will determine a customer’s first impression of our brand. As a part of packaging, the label is our silent salesman at the point of sale, one which will engage in direct communication with our customers.

Wine is a product that invites us to enjoy life, essentially in company. Its consumption makes us socialize, either as a gift to our hosts or as an essential element in a more intimate setting. The wine bottle often becomes a presentation, a hallmark of quality, an opportunity.

If we want our brand to stand out and be chosen ahead of others from a truly wide range of existing wines, we must make the consumer’s choice easier with a leading, distinguishing and sensible strategy to highlight product value on first contact with the consumer.

TSMGO, specialist in packaging solutions & consultancy in La Rioja

At TSMGO|The show must go on we are specialists in visually communicating the values which make your brand attractive and memorable. We create packaging anda unique labels for your wine, commercially optimal and rich in content (storytelling). Above all we have extensive experience and knowledge in defining elements which make your range of wines, spirits, or beers stand out, so they generate attraction, are positioned and aligned with your commercial strategy, ultimately, increasing sales.

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