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Natural SleepHealth and comfort while resting are the bases of Spaldin, a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of premium mattresses. We set the premises that define the image of quality of the brand and its trajectory, until we situate it in the top 5 of viscoelastic mattresses of the United States.

We accompany the direction in the internalization process with an adequate strategy through influencers.

Mercurio Marketing Award 2011 & Internationalization Award 2013.

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We guide these pioneers in the development of their products, most of them innovative and environmentally friendly, from their origin until they are launched on the other side of the Atlantic. Spaldin is an example of how a brand image, established upon a careful base of relevant concepts, conveys reliability without further translations. A project far beyond our borders that strengthens our experience focused on other markets.

1x1.trans - Spaldin -
1x1.trans - Spaldin -
1x1.trans - Spaldin -
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