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Premier of Salado

El destacado del AljarafeThe new image of Premier Salado bets on the freshness of the first grape-juice from Aljarafe. Fun, substantive and modern, its minimalist design captures the essence of the Andalucian icons in an update that is faithful to the tradition of its origin. The result is a call to pleasure and the value of the Andalucian native product.

We create an identity for the most iconic wine of Bodegas Salado.

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The Sevillian Aljarafe celebrates the Mosto fair in Umbrete, the cradle of this delicious beverage. Its precursor, Bodegas Salado, shelters the arrival of this festival of taste, which concentrates the happiness for the arrival of the first young wine from Aljarafe and congregates people from all southern Spain in a purely Andalucian party.

Bodegas Salado come to us with the desire of reinventing visually Premier de Salado, their flagship, by means of a packaging that will turn it into the main icon of the Mosto fair and the hallmark of Aljarafe.pulvinar dapibus leo.

Graphic Solution

The compositional weight focuses on the characters, with a powerful andelegant source so as to show the importance of the brand Salado, valuing the Mosto from Aljarafe. The green and red colors, which appear in Andalucian women’s traditional clothing, figure in a pattern decorated with beautiful roses as a clear reference to the mythical Andalusian polka dots.


Salado acquires a new dimension when it recreates on the basis of its name some initials that make reference to its most remarkable qualities: S from singular (singular), A from bright (alegre), L from free (libre), A from Aljarafe, D from fun (divertido), O from proud
(orgulloso). The whole collection of bottles make up S.A.L.A.D.O., the sum of all its purely
Andalucian attributes, worthy of gift and memory, as a way of a playful souvenir.

1x1.trans - Premier de Salado -
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