Breathing brand experienceOur goal: to create a complete brand experience since the first edition of MUWI La Rioja Music Fest, a music and wine summer festival. From its branding to the design of its commercial strategies, we create a solid long-term image, catchy and easy to remember.

Brand marketing in its purest. Our speciality.

As a result, a successful first edition: an audience of more than 3,050 and a strong presence in media with an approximate value of 431.084 €. In its third edition, there are more than 10,000 attendees.
We set the brand as a new referent in the national musical market. But beyond the numbers, the audience described the experience as “excellent” and all the respondents showed its desire of coming back the next year, recommending the MUWI experience to its friends.

Guess how we did it?

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MUWI Rioja Fest offers three days of a “riojan style” music festival. In the Franco-Españolas winery of Logroño, located at the main old town of the city, live music matches with oenologic related activities. The Riojan gastronomy of the region, parallel diurnal activities for the entire family and a indie line-up shape a unique product with lots of potential.


Our branding takes as a reference the funky 80’s and the reminiscences our audience grew with. The graphic identity of the brand experience created (merchandising, signage displays, posters… ) reinvents the 80’s memories from a comtemporary point of view, also attractive for other segments of our target audience.

What would become a festival without festival-goers? The main MUWI line-up poster public enjoying the muwier lifestyle, tasting wine while being the main actors of the parallel activities held by the festival. Created to be liked, specially on social media.

We balance the poster with a modern logo, based on an urban impossible typography. Its design is defined by its versatility.

The packaging design of MUWI WINE, the official wine of the festival, complete the brand experience as a premium festival souvenir.


We increase the conversational capital of the product by creating a “tribal” code related to the festival-goers fetishes: an official wristband, a video teaser, signage displays… we built community and activate social media buzz as much as phisycal word-of-mouth by a striking branded street marketing.

Since the first edition, we create a Communication Office responsible of the design and the implemation of an ambitious Communication Plan: we give a glance of what the festival is about numerous of special events around the country with guest artist shows – one of this special events takes place at the prestigious Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastián-, more than ten local press conferences are organized, we set ticket promotions and discounts… the advertising scope in traditional media consolidates MUWI La Rioja Music Fest as the most relevant event of the Riojan summer.

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