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Mateo & Bernabé

Blessed traditionWe give life from the scratch to an entrepreneur’s project with the purpose of launching the first artisan beer with “appellation of origin” from La Rioja. Mateo & Bernabé is a powerful and identifiable brand, with a local product which is attractive and solid.

We obtain a short time to market, we define the portfolio and we achieve an impact on means to accelerate the launch of the product.

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Two beers and two saints from La Rioja, Mateo is the saint who baptizes the Harvest Festival and Bernabé is the honorable patron of Logroño. Mateo, who is portrayed with (un conquerte, no sé what the hell is this Ana) to cut bunches of grapes, talks about the 21st of September, the date when harvest begins in La Rioja.

Bernabé is represented with a fish, since the fish fished in the river Ebro saved the logroñeses from the French troops siege in 1521.

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For Mateo & Bernabé we define the concepts that determine its brand: we specify a marketing policy that established an optimal pricing in accordance with precise commercial strategy; we explain in detail the distribution and communication channels with the objective of providing local fame to this artisan beer pioneer in La Rioja. We settle the concepts in its packaging, communication and storytelling, until we manage to create an attractive beer, coherent and flashy.

1x1.trans - Mateo & Bernabé -
1x1.trans - Mateo & Bernabé -
1x1.trans - Mateo & Bernabé -
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