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La Yaya Isasa

Authentic natural yogurtThe Yaya Isasa is an artisan 100% natural yogurt producer. In their yogurts you can savor the care of the artisan elaboration and the flavor of the authentic, values that have to be transmitted to its new packaging in a simple, clear and immediate way.

We repositionate the product after some incoherent beginnings with a premium product, providing more identity to the product and improving its pricing.

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Quality without any artifices requires a tailored suit. For Yaya Isasa we focus on the values of proximity and authenticity of its recipe. The premise of our design is making the product identifiable, relating it to fresh milk, to the natural, and elaborated with care.

Graphic Solution

We followed a graphic line charged with content and metaphors that were quickly identifiable with those values that we wanted to link to the product. The graphic element of the milk seller and the texture of the kitchen cloth emphasize the memory of “our parents” that was pursued. The attention and care of the elaboration of the yogurt is represented thanks to the subtle details of the typography and the lettering.


We create a character: the Yaya Isasa as a metaphor symbolizing what all of us think “things as they were before”, “the taste of the authentic”. We established a visual poem in which all the elements that compound the imaginary of the artisan and authentic things are clearly identified with the brand and its packaging.

1x1.trans - La Yaya Isasa -
1x1.trans - La Yaya Isasa -
1x1.trans - La Yaya Isasa -
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