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La Queleña

A modern twist on a traditional dessertHow to make the fardelejo, the most traditional riojan dessert, also appealing to young people? La Queleña renovates its brand with a rejuvenated visual lenguage, based on the Arabic origin of its recipe and its principal ingredient: the almond.

We achieve a short time to market, we define the portfolio and reach relevant impacts in media in order to speed the product launch.

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The Fardelejo, a typical dessert of La Rioja, is one of the most ancient and traditional of the area. The recipe of La Queleña lasts from generation to generation. Its consumer is getting older, that’s why the brand needs to reconnect with younger audiences who appreciate other elements as the authentic value in artisan products. The strategy focuses in The consumer experience coincided with a flyer that shows how to consume the product to enjoy its flavour to the maximum degree.

Graphic Solution

Create a pattern and arabesque scene that provides the range with uniqueness and authenticity. To reinforce the brand’s values, the colours used are linked to the product and provide it with more visual impact when various cases are exposed on a market stall, giving the visual illusion of being able to see the gourmet product, confectionary, artisan sweets, 100% authentic.


We reinforce the brand’s value by highlighting La Queleña’s logo, which besides its modern renovation, gains visibility and attention in the design as a whole. We use a graphic code that reminds us of the Arabian value of the origin of the dessert (the use of almonds is important in all Arabian desserts) a frame was created in which each of the packaging models reinforces the visual coherence of the whole range, making the provenance and birth of the recipe more understandable.

1x1.trans - La Queleña -
1x1.trans - La Queleña -
1x1.trans - La Queleña -
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