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Abadía Española

Devotion to beerThe abbeys (las abadías) were a bastion of knowledge during dark times, the holy place where the abbots dedicated themselves to the elaboration of beer with vehement devotion. As a tribute to those tasks this packaging reflects a simple design, evocative and stark. Its printing with fluoride inks reinforces the intention to illuminate and bring to light this delicate artisan beverage.

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In contrast to industrial beers, Abadía Española, one of the first artisan beers in the country, launches new recipes cooked with natural ingredients and traditional procedures. We have reinvented the image of Abadía Española being faithful to its artisan essence, creating a powerful packaging which reflects the singularity of its flavor in a flashy and modern way.

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The esthetic chosen drinks from the architecture of the Roman abbeys, its austere beauty and harmony. We bet on the simplicity in the composition of the elements and we insist on its synthesis. The fluoride colors that we chose glow in the dark as a wink to the figure of light the abbeys were over the long centuries of darkness. Its fluorescence is a perfect way of being true to the origin of Abbeys incorporating a provocative enticement.


Abbeys (las abadías) were the places that gave shelter to light, culture and reason in medieval times. This bastion of knowledge served as parapet for the elaboration of beer not to disappear. For centuries the abbots kept, among darkness, manuscripts and prayers, the techniques for its elaboration with vehement devotion. We find in the abbots’ ritual of enjoying the artisan taste in community a precedent to which we are still faithful nowadays.

1x1.trans - Abadía Española -
1x1.trans - Abadía Española -
1x1.trans - Abadía Española -
1x1.trans - Abadía Española -
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