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Corporate identity is responsible for communicating the personality of your brand to your target public.

Your corporate identity is your company’s hallmark, its guarantee, the graphical representation of your organization. It is responsible for visually distinguishing you from your competitors immediately, at first sight.

It is therefore important to consider what the image of your brand is when undertaking the development of your corporate identity:

What makes your company unique? What are its foundations, its values? And most importantly: Does your brand image convey this at a glance?

Corporate identity is an essential part of your business strategy embodied in all your company’s communication elements, both internally and externally: from the choice of naming to your business card, to the framing of a watermark for your official communications, catalogs, website, packaging, labels, art direction…

At TSMGO | The show must go on We know the implications of your visual identity and brand image. Therefore we develop from the very foundation, defining what traits your company should highlight and how to capture them graphically to convey the best, most appealing message to your customers.

Check out our projects. Successful cases of corporate identity, naming and branding:

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